N_SEME 2019

February 8-9, 2019 at the University of Virginia

an electronic music festival for graduate and undergraduate students exploring performance, research, collaboration, and creativity



  • The Treachery of Birds (Joshua Brown): Language Commons, Friday evening - all day Saturday
  • Memories of Light (Helen He): Language Alcove, Friday - Saturday
  • Through summersultryings (Chris Luna): outside Old Cabell Hall, Friday afternoon - all day Saturday
  • A more perfect union (Tate Carson): Old Cabell Hall lobby, Friday - Saturday

Concert 1

Friday, 10am, Old Cabell Hall

  • Elliott Lupp - Hinge
  • Juan Carlos Vasquez - Collage 11 “Albeniz Collage”
  • John Clay Allen - Light Pillars II
  • Nicolas Chuaqui - Footprints I
  • harleigh shaw - Entangled
  • Eli Stine - No Where
  • Ian English - Organism 2.5
  • Ryne Siesky - …grind…

Paper Session 1

Friday, 1pm, New Cabell Hall 323

  • Justine Valka - Using an Electromagnetic Pickup to Listen to Electronic Devices
  • Skye van Duuren - Bridging Worlds: Creating Fixed-Media Microtonal Music with Acoustic Instruments

Concert 2

Friday, 2pm, Old Cabell Hall

  • Stephen Hennessey - Left of Moments
  • T. R. Beery - inside
  • Carolyn Borcherding - Frenetic Disintegration
  • Peiyue Lu - Aquatic Cubes
  • Stewart Engart - Gli ugonotti – Qui sotto il ciel
  • Tomek Arnold - Dance and Noise
  • Ryan Maguire - freeLanguage

Guest Artist Keynote

Friday, 3:30pm, Old Cabell Hall 113

Presentation/talk by guest artist, Aaron Dilloway. Snacks will be provided after.

Carpool/Shuttle Piece

Friday, 5:30pm

Group car trip to listen to Drive to the Edge by Ralph Lewis. After the keynote, we’ll meet a shuttle out on Ruppel Drive (next to Wilson Hall).

Late-Night 1

Friday, 8pm, The Bridge Progressive Arts Center

  • Julius Bucsis

Concert 3

Saturday, 11am, Old Cabell Hall

  • Nicole Carroll - Orrery Arcana
  • Kittie Cooper - Party Teen #1
  • Drew Smith - Open Your Window
  • Carlos Cotallo Solares and Timothy David Orme - generations 1.1
  • Omar Fraire - Winning Quotes
  • G. Blake Harrison-Lane - Squissael
  • Aiman Khan - Ragged Call

Paper Session 2

Saturday, 1pm, New Cabell Hall 168

  • John Clay Allen - Perception and Analysis in Electroacoustic Music: A Unified Approach
  • Logan Barrett - Extended Combinatorial Structures in “Out of Time”
  • Kaiming Chen - MelodyPainter: Draw the Melody in Virtual Reality

Concert 4

Saturday, 3pm, Old Cabell Hall

  • Jacob Sandridge - Flock
  • Liz Knox - In situ
  • William Bertrand, Austin Covell - dregs-magic
  • Amina Kirby - Freeque (Modo Difícil)
  • Mauricio Fonseca López - Calicanto
  • Drake Dragone - Quiv
  • Aaron Stepp - Transparent, luminescent


Saturday, 4:30pm, Wilson Hall Makerspace (1st floor)

Light Controlled Noise Synth Workshop with Travis Thatcher

Learn to build a hackable self-contained, light controlled three oscillator noise synthesizer based around the Hex Schmitt Trigger chip in this two hour workshop. Open to all skill levels though some soldering experience would be helpful.

This workshop has limited seats - please register through this form if you’d like to participate. We can only take the first 15 who register.

Late-Night 2

Saturday, 8pm, The Bridge Progressive Arts Center

  • Anruo Cheng
  • Aaron Dilloway
  • Leon Bison
  • Binary Canary

Guest Artist

aaron photo credit: Dirk Coenen

Aaron Dilloway is one of the most creative, prolific, and revered figures in the Midwest American experimental/noise scene. His performances and recordings incorporate rhythmic loops from eight-track tapes, vocal improvisations, found sounds, and field recordings. He uses contact microphones in order to generate harsh, feedback-laced noises, sometimes placing microphones inside his mouth in order to create bizarre, ogre-like distorted voices. While he channels some dark, violent energies into his sonic constructions, there's also a crucial element of playful, absurdist humor to his work, making his performances confusing yet highly enjoyable spectacles of Dadaist performance art.

While Dilloway is perhaps best known for his involvement with Michigan noise group Wolf Eyes, he's had an extensive solo career, issuing hundreds of recordings (usually limited cassettes) under his own name as well as Spine Scavenger. In addition, he's also collaborated and issued split releases with other well-known noise and experimental artists such as Kevin Drumm, Prurient, John Wiese, and many others. Dilloway is also the owner of Hanson Records, a long-running experimental music label as well as a brick-and-mortar record store and mail-order service based in Oberlin, Ohio.

bandcamp - twitter - Hanson Records


The National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) was created by and for students as a forum for peers to share ideas, collaborate, and expand the boundaries of the electronic music field. This year features Aaron Dilloway, a celebrated experimental/noise artist, whose music includes eight-track tape loops, vocal improvisation through contact microphones, found sounds, and field recordings. In addition to a concert and talk by Aaron, the festival includes concerts, papers, sound art installations, a DIY audio workshop, and a radio broadcast. N_SEME @ UVA is an inclusive artistic and academic environment, incorporating electroacoustic composition with or without instruments, DIY approaches to music-making, experimenting with instrument design, and participating in many forms of intermedia collaboration.


If you have general questions about N_SEME or aren’t sure who to contact, email rlb9fd [at] virginia [dot] edu.

Executive Director

Becky Brown - rlb9fd [at] virginia [dot] edu

Programming Director

Heather Mease - hm5dd [at] virginia [dot] edu

Technical Director

Ben Robertson - blr5ed [at] virginia [dot] edu

Paper Chair and Multi-channel Adjudication Contact

Eli Stine - ems5te [at] virginia [dot] edu

Installations Director

Alex Christie - acc3xp [at] virginia [dot] edu